It’s Always the Right Time of Year to Cleanse!

Here is a short list of the good things you will be doing for yourself and your various organ systems by participating in a cleaner diet and more exercise:

1.  Reduce the inflammation in your arteries and give your heart some support.  The stress of trying to be at 5 places at the same time is enough. Eat a generous amount of pomegranates, raspberries, leeks, parsley, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, watercress, lemons, and more.  These foods can truly put the fire out and spare your cardiovascular the unnecessary risk that unfortunately accompanies this time of year.

2. Give your kidneys a break.  Stop asking them to continuously buffer out that acid-loaded diet that so many of us live on day to day.  A well designed cleanse will offer enormous amounts of alkalinizing nutrients (potassium, magnesium, and calcium) from dark greens and other select foods that can offer much needed relief to a body that has had to make up the difference the rest of the year.

3. Build your organ reserve! Eat a vegetable and fruit-based plan that contains the phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins that have become depleted over time.  These foods build up our bodies’ reserves while sweetened foods, breads, alcohol, and stress tear them down.

4. Improve your blood glucose control. Insulin has a tall order accomplish, especially in today’s world.  Increase how sensitive your body is to insulin by asking your pancreas to secrete much less of it.  Get the flour and sugar out for a month and this will happen.  Every part of us needs to be rebooted at one time or another and the pancreas is no different.

5. Curb your cravings, for good! Get control of your leptin levels. This hormone is responsible for our cravings, mostly sugar and carbohydrates. The holidays add fuel to the fire by further increasing leptin levels.  The increased consumption of sweets, breads, and grains in general, feed the wrong bacteria in the wrong places within our GI and in turn this ratchets up our leptin levels.

While we hope that this doesn’t scare you at the most festive time of the year, we do hope that it gets your attention and consider joining us in a group cleanse which begins on January 15!



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