Creating the Healthiest Thanksgiving Ever

Creating the Healthiest Thanksgiving Ever

Sunday November 1

 8:30 – 3:30


Virtual Cooking Class and Lecture  unnamed-2

This Thanksgiving it’s time to enjoy both an amazingly flavored and incredibly healthy dinner.  It can still have all of the familiar dishes and flavor, but without those ingredients most responsible for the bloating, distended waistlines, and next day hangover effect.  Modest alterations of classic Thanksgiving recipes can provide the best of both Worlds.  Discover how to eliminate the use of flour, sweeten pies and cranberry sauce without the mountain of sugar, and make stuffing without the bread.  We will send you a shopping list prior to the class.  It will consist of: 

  • How to identify a healthy turkey or duck
  • The butter or oils to choose for your no-flour pie crust
  • The mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs best for the stuffing
  • The best fruits to combine with stevia for taste and health
  • The no flour, anti-inflammatory gravy
  • Unique spices to transform an ordinary pumpkin into something else
  • The egg nog-like beverage that is sure to become a family favorite after this year


This will create the foundation for a new way of looking at this Holiday!


Low Glycemic





Family and friends friendly….they will return next year with pencil and notepad

Come cook along side with us as we create the healthiest Thanksgiving EVER!

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