Jan and Johns January Immersion

Creating a Foundation For Your Health  

30 days of defining YOU!IMG_7576

January 2- 30 

Join us for these 30 days of learning how to eat for your health.

Weekly lectures, cooking classes and newsletters that support overall health.

You will:

Reestablish your understanding of nutrition.

Get a  clear picture of optimal health that will make you feel and perform your best.

Get weekly recipes and kitchen techniques that are easy and approachable

Learn how to source high quality foods

Learn about outside influences that can affect your overall health.

Define Your Metabolic SetPoint

5 lectures,  5 cooking classes

Lectures and Cooking Classes will take place on ZOOM  and each class will be recorded. You will be sent the link to the recording the day after the class.

Each Thursday a handout and recipes and link for the following week will be sent to you to prepare for the upcoming week.

Lectures will take place with John on Saturdays with exact times TBA.

Cooking Classes will take place on Tuesdays 3-4pm

Kick-Off Overview will take place on Saturday, January 2  3-5pm

We will cover nutrition, foods, sourcing and outside influences that affect our overall health such as sleep, stress, and physical activity. Commit to 30 days and see how far you will go in upping the quality of your health!

Each week the cooking class, handout and recipes will support the lecture.
Thirty days of health with a diet that is rich in fiber protein and potassium. Foods allowable: Vegetables, High Quality 100% Grass-Fed Meats and Wild Fish, High-Quality Fermented Dairy and Eggs

You will learn how to track fibre, protein, potassium, and carbohydrates and why they are important and the role they play in your diet.


$349.00 register before 12/24

$399.00 After 12/24

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