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RAW & A2A2 Milk Explained

RAW Grass Fed Milk from a Guernsey or Jersey Cow is Best. The best Milk products are those that come from raw cultured dairy such as yogurt, kefir, cultured butter and sour cream.  The type of proteins in milk, varies depending on the breed of cow and the type of animal (sheep, goat, cow, etc.). […]



Potassium Key To Our Health If there is one single mineral that will make a huge difference in contributing to your overall health, it is getting 5000mg of potassium every day. Potassium is present in all body tissues and is required for normal cell function, and is one of the most important minerals. And naturally, […]


Beef Broth

Don’t forget your bone broth! There are so many benefits to bone broth. It is one of the most economical nutritionally rich foods to include in your weekly plan. Make a big batch, freeze it and enjoy it all week. There is no comparison between homemade bone broth and the broth on the shelves in the grocery store. Find […]