A Health and Wealth Retreat in Taos, New Mexico

The Way To a Healthier You is Always Through a Healthier Liver

with John Bagnulo and Jan Buhrman

photo by Randi Baird

This is a liver centric program that supports liver health and uses many liver – detoxification promoting foods: dandelion, berries, daikon…
It has been estimated that 2/3 of Americans have fatty liver disease!
Fatty liver creates a whole load of issues. It causes inflammation in your body. Inflammation creates insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, which causes your body to
deposit fat not just in your liver but also all around your organs and in your belly. Learn prevention and detoxifying methods to eliminate and prevent.
We will incorporate many 23and me genes that relate to liver capacity for foods and lifestyle.
A Health and Wealth Retreat in Taos, New Mexico MAP

Located at historic
Mabel Dodge Luhan House
Situated at the end of a quiet road not far from the center of town, the house appears much as it did 100 years ago. This place holds magical spirits of Georgia O’Keeffe, D.H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams and Martha Graham and Dennis Hopper among many other notables who have held conversations and meals at this historic location.

Sunday, March 18 – Friday, March 23, 2018

Set in the high desert in view of Taos Mountain, this retreat will include lectures, cooking demonstrations,
This will be a time to nourish yourself and learn how your
Afternoons provide time for free time for rest, walks and a chance to explore Taos.

Sunrise hike
Cooking Demo
Afternoon Free time
Cooking Demo
Afternoon Day trips:
Canyon hike and waterfall tour
Organic Farm Tour
Rates include the full retreat schedule, five nights lodging, three home-­cooked meals per day, plus tax and gratuity.

Double room with bath: $2000, private room with bath: $2150.
A nonrefundable $1000.00 deposit is due upon registration.
For more information and to register: call 508 360 4491


Everyone is interested in detoxification, it is of course essential to health. However there are many misconceptions about it that are ultimately ineffective. Any approach to supporting or enhancing detoxification should directly support liver function. The liver requires an array of micronutrients that many people are deficient in and which only get worse with prolonged fasts or very limited food selection. Foods rich in carbohydrates, especially fructose, deplete the liver. Are there detoxification programs centered around fruit or fresh squeezed fruit juice? Unfortunately yes. Additionally, foods rich in polyunsaturated fat place unique metabolic stresses on the liver. Limiting these foods or possibly eliminating them temporarily can also have great benefit. Foods rich in magnesium, choline, the sulfur containing amino acids cysteine and methionine, as well as those that support glutathione production and gall bladder function are most essential. In essence, a true liver and/or detoxification program should include foods that support and should eliminate those foods that provide major challenges. Many individuals use non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs daily for pain management, statins to lower blood lipids, and also live within home or work within environments that include a variety of toxins with minimal sunlight exposure. This creates the perfect storm, most notably for the liver. While most people rely on annual physical exams that may or may not include liver enzyme tests, these rarely reflect a suboptimal detoxification capacity for one’s liver. Nor do simple liver tests or annual exams reflect fatty liver disease. It is sobering to acknowledge that 2/3rds of Americans have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
Jan and I are inviting you to join us for a very unique detoxification and liver support program. If you take medications, have had long bouts of sugar addiction or excessive carbohydrate consumption, have had limited sun exposure, and have consumed too much alcohol for too long, this is for you. Additionally there will be special attention paid to some genetic patterns, that many individuals carry, which can greatly influence our ability to detoxify…everything from stress hormones to charred or smoked foods.
Please consider joining us, there are limited spaces available, in Taos New Mexico for a new approach, new recipes, and a new experience.

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