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Jan and Johns January Immersion

Creating a Foundation For Your Health   30 days of defining YOU! January 2- 30  Join us for these 30 days of learning how to eat for your health. Weekly lectures, cooking classes and newsletters that support overall health. You will: Reestablish your understanding of nutrition. Get a  clear picture of optimal health that will make […]

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Creating the Healthiest Thanksgiving Ever

Creating the Healthiest Thanksgiving Ever Sunday November 1  8:30 – 3:30 $149.00 Virtual Cooking Class and Lecture   This Thanksgiving it’s time to enjoy both an amazingly flavored and incredibly healthy dinner.  It can still have all of the familiar dishes and flavor, but without those ingredients most responsible for the bloating, distended waistlines, and next […]


Extinguishing Inflammation with John Bagnulo and Jan Buhrman

Learning about common nutritional influences that can mitigate the inflammatory response. Inflammation is a major driving force behind chronic diseases: cancer, diabetes and obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and atherosclerosis.  There are many factors that contribute to inflammation. In this workshop, you will learn key nutrients and lifestyle that can extinguish the inflammatory responses. Targeting inflammation, learning […]

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Changing Your Body’s Ecosystem

The microbiome has the greatest control of our health and how well we age.  Many microbes offer major protection against premature aging and disease, some cause these processes. The microbiome is not limited to our large intestine. This ecosystem includes the entire digestive tract as well as our skin, hair and scalp, nails, and many […]